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An inspiring art of traveling 

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Paris is a secret city, we offer a unique tour to the modern traveler to explore Paris. Very far from mass tourism. We offer the best of our professional experience to our costumer.

Let us show you our Paris, secret, authentic, unique. 

Included :

small group from 2 to 4 travelers

Driver and Guide 

Not included : entrances to museum or monuments

Contact & reservation 

Magalie Ayé 



Fugues & Fantaisie is inspired from the Fugue of Bach. 

Paris is a city of culture & art. There's so much to see, to do, to learn, to appreciate, to taste, to experiment. 

Our parisian walks have been tested and approved by the parisians for quite eleven years. Every sunday, and during the week also, we offer a unique service. All year long, the parisian and french speaking people know that there always and inspiring walk to have in Paris. 

In 2014 we've extended the brand to the english-speaking travelers. We offer unique private tours in Paris to discover the secrets of the city of Light. But also we give you our best addresses in town, for an unforgettable souvenir. 

We write your Voyage to Paris, with our value " Excellence, culture, passion, inspiration and authenticity "

Your guide : 

Magalie has studied Law and History of Art at the Sorbonne. She has founded Les Balades de Magalie in 2005 to explore Paris as a poet, historian of Art and professional Guide. It takes 12 years as a professional to know perfectly Paris. We offer a global and unique knowledge of Paris. 

She is found of the Fugues of Bach. 

We offer to the modern traveler the possibility to create a human, knowledgeable and personal link with the city of light. Our walks are dedicated to the repeaters to Paris or those who want to experiment Paris differently. 

When you book a tour, Magalie is available during your stay in Paris for any question. And once a month we send an Inspiring Newsletter By Paris. 

What do we offer? Inspiration By Paris 

We explored Paris for 12 Years, to capture the soul of the city, very far from mass tourism. So today, we decided to give this "savoir ", with our "savoir-faire" to a few costumer. 

We offer to the modern traveler to create his own love story with the city of Light. Each year, each voyage, we offer an inspiring voyage to our costumer ! 

In 2017 : Create ou own "Histoire d'Amour "with the city of light. At each "voyage", you know for sure that you could have 365 experiences of the city of light. 365 experiences that makes sens. 

After 12 Years of exploration we can say : we don't live anymore in Paris ! This is the city and it's wonderful culture which is living in us ! In 2017 : Be inspired By Paris 

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