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2000 years of History

Walks to explore the History of Paris

These tours are available every day. They are dedicated to the travelers of Paris. They are available in english, french and german

N°1 The French revolution

N°2 The poisoners of Paris

N°3 The occupation & the liberation of Paris 

N°4 The religion wars in the 16th century 

N°5 Historical Crimes and mysteries of the Old Paris 

N°6 Paris during the medieval time 

N°7 Paris in 1200 

N°8 Paris in 1407 

N°9 Haussmannian Paris 

N°10 Paris of Victor Hugo 

N°11 Montparnasse and Paris in the 20's 

N°12 Introduction to the french literature 

N°13 Introduction to the french poetry 

N°14 History of the bridges of Paris 

N°15 Paris of the three musketeers and particularly the Paris of D'Artagnan

N°16 In the footstep of Notre-Dame , the book of Victor Hugo 

Fees : 120 euros ( for a group from 2 to 10 people) , duration 2 hours . Every day at 12h , according to the availabilities. 

Please contact us for more details lesbaladesdemagalie@wanadoo.fr 

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