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Les Belles Heures ® 2013

If you had just 12 hours to spend in Paris? This is the essence of " Les Belles Heures ". We create you precious time in Paris.

Les Belles Heures ® 2013, is a tailor-made experience of Paris. Les Belles Heures® means Beautiful Hours in french. It is inspired by the book of Hours of the medieval time. The idea is to capture the essence of Paris and 12 french region, 12 italian cities. 

Les Belles Heures ® is our Luxury Travel Brand. 

- 12 beautiful Hours created by Magalie, inspired by the medieval time. created By Magalie : L'Heure des Etoiles®, L'Heure Bleue du soir®, L'Heure d'Or®….Inspired By the Island of Paris and Notre-Dame. 

- A day of 12 Hours in Paris, we create you tailor-made expérience. Ideal for a a Honeymoon. 

- 12 Hours in Champagne

- 12 Hours in Versailles

- 12 Hours in the Louvre 

- 12 Hours in Provence 

- 12 Hours in Paris 

- 12 Hours is Beaujolais

- 12 Hours in the Reunion Island

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