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Pourquoi nous choisir ?

For ten years, we've created the most beautiful walking tours of Paris. With culture, inspiration and passion. That's our savoir-faire.  

1- Original and creative walking tours

Magalie is a Blue Badge guide. She is also Historian of art from the Sorbonne. All of our walks are inspiring and knowledgeable.  For ten years now Magalie has created more than one hundred guided walking tours of Paris. Why? That's her passion. 

Like others try to capture the essence of Paris by composing poetry or music; Magalie writes her ballads. With culture, inspiration and passion. 

Our walking tours are parisian. We tried to make them as elegant and inspiring as Paris. 

How? That's our secret, our savoir-faire. 


2- Our Savoir-Faire

Paris is a feast for Art, Architecture, History and literature. Like others tried to capture the essence of Paris by writing poetry or books, Magalie tried to do it by writing her walking tours. With culture, inspiration and passion. 

Magalie has created also a sur-mesure brand : Les Belles Heures. Les Belles Heures means Beautiful Hours in French. You want a private guide for a special tour of Paris? A unique theme? A sur-mesure journey in Paris? This our savoir-faire. 

What is a sur-mesure walking tour for us? That's a personalized tour which is specially created for you. 


3- All year long

Our walks run all year long since 2005. 

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